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Opinel N°02 Stainless Steel Folding Knife

Our Reviews

Far Cuter Than I Expected

I'm a bit of an Opinel fan, so when I saw that Knife Shop Australia had the No2s in stock, I just had to get one. I have almost every size of the classic Opinels now, including the No13. But this little 2cm cutie is just too cool. If you want a small...sorry, tiny knife to hang off your keychain or to carry in your change pocket, or to open packages or letters, or just to experience one of the smallest functional knives on the planet, grab one of these. Okay, you may have trouble batoning, or carving a pony, but you'll be able to keep your nails clean and pick your teeth with little risk of damage. Oh, it is sharp once you strop it, so be careful.

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