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OPINEL No 7 Carbon Steel Folding Knife


  OPINEL No 7 Carbon Steel Folding Knife




  Folding Knife

Our Reviews

The Perfect Sized Opinel

Well, in my opinion. Most people who know Opinels understand that the Opinel No8 is the classic knife of the brand. However, I beg to differ. Whilst the No8 is a good all 'rounder, I've carried and used my No7 Carbone more than any of my 40 plus practical knives. It drops into the pocket more discreetly than an 8 and the blade geometry lends itself to attaining a razor sharp edge. It is small enough to peel your chosen fruit and still large enough to dismember a roast chook. Its a nice little wood carver too. And if you're krusty (and brave) enough, it makes for a great toenail trimmer. Just be sure to clean, dry and oil it after use, lest you end up with a rusty, contaminated little knife.