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Work Sharp Wsbchpaj-Pro-I Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

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Excellent result

After much on-line comparison, and with some trepidation, I took the plunge and bought the Worksharp professional precision adjust. To be clear: I am a complete novice knife sharpener (my hand-sharpening produces hit-and-miss results). This system has produced amazing results for me. The guide rod mounting system has no play in it (a concern I've seen mentioned for other systems). The clamping system is positive and strong. The electronic angle meter is an absolute must. The other accessories are also huge bonuses: the small blade table, and the clamp support. I've used them all. The other bonus is the range of hones from 250 grit to strop. I started with an 80 year old clasp knife, that I didn't mind 'sacrificing' if I couldn't get an edge. I had to completely reset the 20-degree angle, starting with 220 grit. Because it was my first time (be gentle with me) I made my way through the full range of grits: 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, ceramic stone. Wow. Next I tried a Boker pen knife (also my Dad's). Because it still had a reasonable edge, I didn't think I needed to start with 220 grit, but went straight to 320grit at 17degrees.. Again, an amazing result. Shaved hair on my arm, cut paper, you know the drill. Same with a kitchen knife (Japanese steel of unknown brand), which we call "the sharp sponge". I cannot believe I got a cutting edge on something which we had basically consigned to cutting sponge cakes! OK, the real test (heart in mouth). I put a 20-degree edge (carefully measured with the angle meter) on a Wusthof Solingen paring knife with 80mm blade. I checked the edge before I started with a jeweler's loupe, and could see the raggedy edge. So: 320-400-600-800-ceramic-strop. The edge gleams! All imperfections on the edge gone. My test is how the blade cuts a ripe mini-roma tomato. Pinch the handle at the end, place the blade on the tomato and draw the blade towards you. The weight of an 80mm blade slices through a ripe tomato. That's *sharp*. Last: the Solingen 170mm Chef's knife. (My wife's favourite knife. Stuff this up, and perish! No pressure). Sharpened as above. The result: holding the handle between thumb and forefinger and allowing the weight of the blade to rest on a ripe tomato, you need to draw the blade about the width of the tomato in order to slice through the tomato. I've moved on to my 40 year old swiss army knife (purchased with my first paycheck). Excellent result. I'm now looking for what I can sharpen next. This system is so *good* it's almost addictive!

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