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We Knife W2003B Mini Buster Folding Knife

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Quality EDC knife

Prior to this I had the same EDC knife for the last 8 years - a Zero Tolerance Rexford 801 Flipper. So I'm comparing the Mini Buster with that when writing this review. PROS • A very nice-looking knife. The design, materials, and finish are all high quality • Has good heft. It feels solid, ergonomic, and comfortable in my hand when open • Sheepsfoot blade design suits my purposes. I like the broad back and strong point • I have hard right-handers complain about the position of the pocket clip, but for me it's perfect because the clip is on the outside and not pressing against the inside of my palm. CONS • Being left-handed, it has a familiar problem where the natural position of my grip on the locking bar can interfere with opening it easily. • Similarly, my left-handedness makes closing it a bit trickier than it would be for a righty. • In addition, the opening action is just not as smooth or progressive as the Rexford. And the closing motion is not as easy or smooth to do one-handed. Unless I take particular care with closing it, there's a slight grab or catch of the locking bar against the base of the blade that might trip me up if I had to close it urgently for any reason. • The pocket clip is a tight. I have trouble sliding it over the stitching of the pockets on my cargo pants. OVERALL I like the Mini Buster and I think it will grow on me. I miss the extra size and weight of the Rexford, as well as the smoother mechanism, but I have no doubt the Mini Buster will be a reliable and functional EDC.

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