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Douk-Douk Knives have been famous in the former French colonies for more than 70 years and more recently for decades by both the Army and the French Foreign Legion. The Douk-Douk is of a simple construction, the handle being of folded sheet metal, a strong back spring, a metal bail and a quality blade all held together by two metal rivets. The engraving on the handle represents the Douk-Douk, a Melanesian spirit incarnation. During battles the Douk-Douk was often converted to a fixed blade knife by hammering the handles together just behind the blade pivot. The French cutlery firm M.C. Cognet continues to build this knife to the present day, still using the same simple construction process. Today there are several designs available in three sizes with carbon steel or stainless steel blades and many different handle colours and designs.

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