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  MT-5 Survival Knife




Made in Spain

Our Reviews

Quality + Price = Brilliance

I bought the MT-5 with cocobolo handles last year. At the time it was around $140 and I was looking for a decent quality, robust bush knife. When I received this knife I was immediately drawn to the quality of the product. The construction, the full Tang of the 5mm thick N695, the finish on the handle and the overall look of the knife impressed me. I started out using this to trim large shrubs of all things. The MT-5 perform well as a small branch chopper. In a survival situation, it could be used for chopping down saplings (in my opinion) up to 10cm in diameter with no real issues. I then used it to carve a handle out of some hardwood. While it performed adequately, I felt a keener edge would work better. Well, I wore out a Smith's sharpening kit and reprofiled a higher edge on it. There were some issues with evenness in the grind, so I took it to The Knife Shop and they cleaned it up for me at no charge. Since then, I've used it to carve wood, make spring snares, light fires, dress Kangaroos, prepare food, and just about every other bush camping task (rope cutting etc). I've even used it when fishing in saltwater places to cut bait and clean fish. Not only has it performed flawlessly, the edge retention has been stellar. I've only ever used a Benchmade Field Sharpener on it since the reprofile and only used the ceramic rod and a strop to keep it sharp. The sheath is really good. I'm a Lefty, so my carry options are different to Righties, but having said that, I can still 'Scout' carry or carry it on my Left side with no problems. In almost a year of hard use, the sheath has worn in really well and looks better than it did when new. For those who would like to see some video reviews of this knife, 'Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors', as well as 'Black Anchor Outdoors' have very informative reviews of this knife. I'd rate this knife at 4 stars in terms of strength, usability and quality. If price/budget is an issue for you, then this is 5 stars. If you want a really good quality, strong and reliable bush/camping/survival knife at a really fair price then this is the one for you. A good-looking, robust knife that works.

Cudeman MT-5 Review, from Dave in Rye.

Hi fellow blade enthusiasts: I recently purchased this Cudeman MT-5 from Knifeshop Aus and have owned it about a week now. I'm compelled to say, this knife is extremely well made, the blade spine thickness is massive at 5mm and it feels incredibly strong and meaty in the hand, more like a precision surgical tool than a knife. The handle is lovely with the black micarta 2 tone and you can scrub it with soapy water to refresh the pattern to remove hand grime, comes up like new. It has three stainless hex screws holding the handle together which is a plus for strength as opposed to the usual two, and they can be removed for repair cleaning or maintenance. I like the flat blade and the shape personally, it cuts superply, and holds an edge extremely well. I know this from whittling some coastal tea tree which is a sublimely hard wood that even axes can bounce off. The sturdy leather sheath is excellent and can be worn horizontal style or vertical, the stitching is thick and doubled along the seams to provide you with a really superb sheath and the leather is very good quality and very well made! I'm not kidding, this would have to be one of the best quality knives for round the $120 dollar mark sheath included. It is a beast and worth every penny, of course you can pay much more even double or triple but i don't think you will be getting double the quality frankly. I'm very very impressed with this company Cudeman and there knives, had never heard of them before stumbling apon this site last week, i also purchased the Mt-4 folder and thats a ripper too. This knife is hand finished, so no two are exactly the same. It is worth every penny. I kid you not. P.S It came to my home within 3 days of ordering, thats pretty good service too. I give it an honest 5 stars no problems , any day of the week this is a ridiculously good knife for $120. I'm going to buy another big mother Cudeman survival kukri style when there back in stock soon now too, after owning those two mentioned, i just want another one now hehe. Thanks for reading: Regs, Dave B. Rye. Vic