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ESEE Knives and gear was created by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin. Jeff Randall was a survivalist, adventurist, instructor and entrepreneur. Jeff Randall became business partners with Mike Perrin, TransEquatorial Solutions Inc., the parent company to ESEE Knives. In 1997 Randall started his jungle survival school known as Randall's Adventure & Training. It was designed for military personnel and individuals needing survival and environment training. During training Randall used Peruvian Special Forces and American instructors teaching jungle survival, from that experience that is where ESEE Knives and gear was created. Randall's experiment into designing extreme use cutlery predates the ESEE name. Before ESEE Knives became a company of their own, Randall was the inspiration behind the RAT cutlery brand manufacture by Ontario Knife Co. When Randall ventured out into his own business, he changed the name of his knives from RAT Cutlery to ESEE Knives. Wondering where the name come from? ESEE is an acronym that describes what the training company was built around. The "ES" in ESEE stands for Escuele de Supervivencia also known as School of Survival and the "EE" stand for Escape and Evasion, which is taught to certain students of the training school. This is why it is just fitting that most of the ESEE knives are designed more towards tactical and survival use than everyday carry. Although some are relatively small, almost all ESEE knives are fixed full tang knives which gives them exceptional strength and dependability. 

Randall's years of experience in harsh, unforgiving environments have given him a no-nonsense approach to designing cutlery. Randall was set on his knives being made in the USA, so he teamed up with Rowen Manufacturing of Idaho. After experimenting with the proven 1095 Carbon Steel, this steel has been around over 100 years. Carbon Steel is known to have been slicing, cooking, and killing around the universe. It’s one of the best steels that are out there; it works great for the job and holds a great edge. Rowen is the one of the best in heat treating 1095 Carbon. All of ESEE Knives has a versatile drop point blade and flat ground for hard working, lasting edge. This is very important since ESEE knives are used in some of the most unforgiving and rugged environments. They have the strength and dependability that all self-respecting outdoorsman requires. ESEE knives are strong enough to go toe to toe with anything that gets thrown its way. It’s like the Jason Voorhees of knives, strong and just keeps on coming. Micarta is a standard handle for the material, but G10 is substituted in certain models. ESEE knives are serial numbered at the factory, which makes them easily identifiable for warranty purposes, and comes with versatile kydex sheaths that are versatile and lightweight, perfect for any camping trip on even for tactical use. ESEE Knives also offers warranty like no other. They have a No-Questions Asked warranty on their knives, which is transferable. No matter if you happen to break the knife, just contact ESEE and it will be taken care of. This goes to show just how much ESEE backs up their products and how much they value their loyal customers by giving them the kind of peace of mind that other knife companies can only dream of.

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