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Benchmade 275Fe-2 Adamas Axis Folding Knife, Flat Earth

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Benchmade need I say more

Top notch blade folder, smooth and easy opening and closing, not tearing your thumb

review of the benchmade adamas knife

this is possibly the greatest folding EDC, tactical knife ever made. A HUGE Claim ? Sure but this knife is a TANK and a BEAST. Firstly it folds, this means it is smaller / shorter and far safer than a full blade knife. Yes it weights in at a massive 8 oz's , but this is relative since your not going to find any truly useful knife of similar function under 4 or 5 oz so to haggle over a few ounces is silly unless total carry weight is a massive issue such as for hikers and climbers. the handle is 4.5 inches; so unless you have tiny hands this knife is going to feel natural especially with the rubbery grip of the g10 handle. the blade is sharp and of a hard wearing corrosion resistant D2 steel. the action is smooth and the lock up is super solid. the axis lock will not break at under 800 pounds of force, show me anyone who can apply 800 pounds of force to a knife ??? you could cut down tree with this knife and keep the knife and memories forever !!! i invented a special lanyard that you can attach one handed to your wrist to retain the knife to prevent dropping it, eg like off a boat, but still lets you dangle the knife to allow to hands working. please investigate further if you want the greatest knife ever made !!! the adamas 275 from benchmade

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