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Well-designed knives mean a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. When it comes to this series, this involves elegance combined with ultra-hard powder steel.

he core, made from ultra-hard MC63 micro carbide powder steel, is encased in two other steel layers featuring a hand hammered finish known in Japanese as Tsuchime. The CRYODUR blades are hardened in a special process (including ice-hardening at -196 °C), making them extremely hard (approx. 66 HRC).

The Master's Way.

In Japanese culture perfection is a matter of attitude. The path to mastery never ends, and MIYABI embodies this constant pursuit of improvement, known as the Japanese principle of Kaizen. Our MIYABI knives are for those who strive for the best and appreciate true craftsmanship.

A sharp attention to detail.

Our knives were developed so that professional and amateur chefs worldwide can experience how sharp knives enrich the plate and delight the palate. MIYABI combines the unique characteristics of samurai swords, exceptional sharpness, tradition, craftsmanship, and high performance with modern design for the ultimate kitchen knives.

A slice of perfection.

It takes over 100 steps and 42 days to make one knife worthy of the MIYABI brand. Each knife goes from the hands of skilled artisans to your hands, ensuring the finest caliber blade. An invitation on handmade paper. The smell of starched table linen. The feeling of Masurian birch in your hand. The popping of the champagne cork. The sound of a knife when pulled from the block. In one word: Perfection.

A cut above.

The Japanese recognized long ago how essential sharp knives are for preserving the taste and consistency of delicate dishes.

Nothing left to chance.

Because we strive for elegance and excellence in everything we do it takes weeks, even months to create a MIYABI knife.

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