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ONTARIO KNIFE CO. 8686 SP-15 LSA Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath




  ONTARIO KNIFE CO. 8686 SP-15 LSA Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath


  Ontario Knife Company


Made in USA


This item will be shipped from our warehouse within 3 business days. If not in stock it may be BACKORDERED. Due to COVID-19 precautions, delivery times from some of our suppliers are varied, but usually between 2-6 weeks. Please contact us for delivery estimates on backorders.

Our Reviews

Solid and weighty Tac knife

I have an Ontario SP15 and have used it for the past 2 years without an issue. The weight gives it a presence in the hand and it enables the blade to be both fast and dexterous. POB is slightly rear of the guard which is adequate and comfortable. The serrations needed a little touching up from factory fresh and serve the emergency purpose for which it is designed. Blade quality and powder coating are excellent as is sheath construction. A well balanced , strong and well designed knife and would recommend it without reservation. The sheath is cordura and leather with 2 retention snaps which is a very good idea when moving around and carrying packs, bags etc and will not be disengaged accidentally losing your knife. The only slight "criticism ", if one would call it that is the length of the sheath is a tad longer than need be . All in all, an excellent knife.